Friday, April 29, 2011

Caution- Chicken pox in Bangalore-Acharya Institutes

This is a very important message regarding chicken pox in bangalore especialy in Acharya Institutes.

Chicken pox Virus is spreading and there is a very high chance of getting affected.There are some measures to try to prevent from getting affected.

> Fever will start on or the next day of Tuesday and Friday.
> After 2-3 days small projections like water droplets will be there on your body.

> Dont have any hot food items both liquid and solid
> Dont take food items that are oily.
> Dont scratch even if it is itching.
> Dont give strain to your eyes.(watching tv,pc..etc it may damage the eyes)
> Have fruits and juices that wont make hot.(ex: pineapple juice makes body hot after reaching the stomach.)

It is causing when you loose your immunity power...have fruits to increase the same.
for more info CHICKEN POX

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