Friday, April 29, 2011

Caution- Chicken pox in Bangalore-Acharya Institutes

This is a very important message regarding chicken pox in bangalore especialy in Acharya Institutes.

Chicken pox Virus is spreading and there is a very high chance of getting affected.There are some measures to try to prevent from getting affected.

> Fever will start on or the next day of Tuesday and Friday.
> After 2-3 days small projections like water droplets will be there on your body.

> Dont have any hot food items both liquid and solid
> Dont take food items that are oily.
> Dont scratch even if it is itching.
> Dont give strain to your eyes.(watching tv,pc..etc it may damage the eyes)
> Have fruits and juices that wont make hot.(ex: pineapple juice makes body hot after reaching the stomach.)

It is causing when you loose your immunity power...have fruits to increase the same.
for more info CHICKEN POX

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VTU-Exam time table 2011 june/july

Time Table for 2011 june/july for B.E/B.TECH has announced.It is a very tight schedule this time.Hope they change it ,giving more days in between the exams.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Acharya Habba 2011- Slow Bike Race

The most awaited competition for Acharya Habba 2011 ,the Slow Bike Race will be on 9/4/2011...The time and venue will be announced later.All those who are interested in taking part in the competition should register their name as soon as possible.Check acharyainstitutesblog for knowing the time and venue of the event.


Acharya Habba 2011- Counter Strike & Mad ADS Competition

Counter-Strike for Acharya Habba will be conducted on 8/4/2011.All the participants are requested to report for the event on time.

MAD ADS for Acharya Habba will be conducted on 8/4/2011.All the participants are requested to report for the event on time.

Acharya Habba 2011- Treasure hunt

Games for the Acharya Habba are starting from tomorrow(7/4/2011) onwards.The event Treasure Hunt will be conducted from morning 10.00am onwards.All those who gave names and those who want to participate in the game are requested to be in the auditorium before the time for the registration process.

Sandipan Sarkar -co-ordinator(EEE)
Mobile: 919738775956

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

aRt ,fAsHiOn $ pHoTOgrAPhy - Acharya club

A new blog has created for the students of Acharya to upload their photographs , fashion news and art.This blog is created in favour of the students for showing their skills in photography,art and fashion.All those who want to post their photos can contact the admin of the site.acharyaclub

Friday, April 1, 2011

Acharya Habba 2011-Lecturers war in the ground

The sports and games for the teachers of all dept. of Acharya Institutes are going on these days and will be over before Habba 2011.Dept.of CS/IS and Mech are leading at the momment...All the students are requested to get to the grounds and cheer for your teachers................


Mechatronics Forum 2011 - Robo soccer

Mechatronics dept had put up with some new innovative events for the Mechatronics Forum 2011-Renaissance.The lazer gun show didn't give much positive response but the robo soccer was very much entertaining and everyone enjoyed it.The winners will be getting a prize money of 1000 rupees.